Color your Life

About Blue Mingo

Dazzled by pixels

Our world is full of images and symbols competing for our attention in an ever faster way. We try to withstand with effort - nevertheless the lines between "perception", "seeing" and "understanding" are becoming blurred. The art OF SEEING has been lost in the superficial and hasty roaming of our eyes.

Slow Vision

Our eyes must learn to see again and thus help us find ourselves. Pictures on a wall are a way of finding our peace of mind by rediscovering slowness and our aptitude for attentiveness. Similar to the "Slow Food" movement, the artwork from Blue Mingo embody the idea of a "Slow Vision". Blue Mingo wants to arouse your curiosity, stimulate your desire to see and renew the joy of discovery. Calming the mind while not boring it, relaxing and inspiring it at the same time.

Rendezvous with your picture

Do you like a particular subject?

We offer an exquisite collection of different designs from which you can select.

Blue Mingo exhibits are not ready-made in terms of size and material.

The number of copies is strictly limited.

By special request, we offer the desired exhibits as exclusive and unique items.

Do you need a particular format?

Almost anything is possible. We will create and reproduce any design desired in any size, from just a few centimeters to decorative large-scale paintings several meters long.

Do you prefer certain materials and presentation forms?

Blue Mingo motifs are reproduced on high-quality photo papers and framed in real glass.

Upon your request, we offer your picture's representation on paper, canvas, metal, wood or embedded in acrylic.

You simply cannot decide?

Try out the picture of your choice, display it on your wall to test it out.

We offer you the option to rent or lease the pictures of your choice.

You do not want to commit to having the same pictures for the long term?

Subscribe to a selection of Blue Mingo designs and vary the decoration of your walls at designated intervals.

You need a rest for your eyes at your workplace?

We are happy to work with you to explore the possibilities for sharing the pleasure derived from pictures offered within the Blue Mingo collection with your employees and customers in your professional and business environment - be it your office, practice, studio, business or reception areas.

You have your own ideas?

Together, we will find a solution for your individual wishes and needs.

Just contact us to discuss.

About Blue Mingo

Peter Schäfer, born in 1958, is a photographer living in Berlin.

In the last three decades, his photos have been published in numerous photo journals, daily newspapers, magazines, calendars and photo exhibitions.

His new project "Blue Mingo" takes him to the artistic side of photography.

Under the slogan "Color Your Life" he presents familiar motifs in new colors, offering extraordinary new insights into supposedly well-known facts, and formerly-held views and ideas.